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Employee Benefits 

Aside from payroll, employee benefits can be the largest expense for an employer. Let us make sure you are in the best situation today with our blueprint process. We also dedicate a customer care representative to all clients to provide 24/7 access for all claims.

Personal Insurance  

 Want more personalized and focused insurance for you and your family? Let us make sure you have the best and the cheapest personal insurance plan for your family. 

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Happy Family
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HR Services  

The individuals who make up your organization go a long way toward driving its success, whether they are employees, managers or contractors. However, while managing and recruiting personnel, Human Resources (HR) must be aware of and comply with key federal, provincial and local laws that affect your workplace. Lets us help you do that in your organization. 

List of Services 


Carriers We Partner With: 

-Delta Dental
-Dearborn National 
-Lucent Health

-Trust Mark

-United Healthcare 
-Blue Cross Blue Sheild
-One America

-Lincoln Finacial 
-Mutual of Omaha 
-Reliance Standard 

-Beam Dental



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